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End-to-end style with our matching sets

Most of our designs come in matching set to offer you and your guests an end-to-end style. Matching sets include save-the-date cards, invitations and RSVPs, on-the-day stationery and thank-you-cards. Choose the set that you like, depending on your particular style, and customize them with your personal photos and heartfelt messages. Our designs will surely leave your guests in awe of your taste.

Order personalized samples

Still unsure about your choice of card? Select any design, personalize it with your text and photos and receive your sample within 2 working days. Select from a range of modern, classic and rustic designs to complement your wedding theme and bring your vision to life. You will not have to pay for the samples, only for the actual card.

Great quality at affordable prices

Select a paper type to best match your stationery: silk paper offers a smooth surface and beautiful finish, glossy paper makes the colours look more vibrant, and brilliant white matt paper is ideal for cards without photos. Although all of these paper varieties are great for a wedding invitation card, premium matte paper will make the best choice for an extravagant wedding invitation.

Rounded corners

Its all in the details! Our rounded corner cards are all about small details done in a great way. Set your wedding invitation apart by opting for our exquisite round-edged invitation cards. The round edges on the cards will bring an element of sophistication and uniqueness to the overall design while also conforming to the current modern look of invitation cards.

Wedding invitations – share the love!

The wedding day is one of the most important events in a person's life. So, naturally, the invitation card you are about to send out holds tremendous potential to make a great first impression on your guests. Custom-made, personalized wedding invitation cards made on Optimalprint are a fabulous way to show everyonethat your wedding is a unique event worthy of their time and admiration. When you create custom wedding invitations, you ensure that every detail on the card, starting from the design to the words used, perfectly portrays your love, personality and wedding theme.

Customised wedding invitations are also a fantastic way to make your guests feel special because you took the time to create a wedding invitation just for them. And when you make someone feel like you value their presence on your special day, adoration and support are bound to follow!

Elegant wedding invitations

Our vast collection of elegant invitation cards for weddings are carefully crafted with love in Canada. They are fully customisable, and you can choose the design from a wide variety of styles, ranging from rustic and elegant to quirky and contemporary. On top of that, you can customise wedding invitations with your choice of colours, themes, fonts, and personalized words. However, if you are wondering why you should go for custom wedding invitations rather than basic ones, we've got the answer here.

Create anticipation

Personalized wedding invitations are great if you want to create excitement and anticipation for your guests. By sending wedding invites that are unique and gorgeous, you set the tone for the big event and let your guests know that they are in for a special treat.

Reflect your personal style

Personalized wedding invitations express your personal style, personality, and theme of the event in a way generic wedding invites can't. You can customise cards precisely the way you want thanks to our talented designers and get a product that truly represents you as a couple.

Make the guests feel special

Customisable, personalized wedding invitations portray that you value your guests, and it is essential for them to be present at your big event. After all, you took the time to create something that is truly special instead of settling for something generic.

Make the event memorable

Your wedding is a special and unique event, and personalized wedding invitations reflect that. By creating personalized invitations, you communicate that your wedding is about to be an event the guests would not want to miss out on!

Store as a keepsake

Custom wedding invitations are beautiful and carry a lot of meaning. No wonder why so many people like to hold on to them as memorabilia! These wedding invitations can be treasured as a reminder of your special day for years to come. When you order wedding invitations from Optimalprint, you can be sure they will earn a place in your guest's homes as souvenirs.

Wedding invitations with photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to wedding invitations, we believe that adding a picture makes them even more memorable. After all, few things look better than the would-be bride and groom engaged in a warm embrace or an act of love. Here are a few reasons to make wedding invitations with photo:

Personal touch

Nothing quite expresses emotions the way wedding invitations personalized with photos do. No matter how many or what kind of texts or graphics you use, they can't match the emotions a photo evokes in people. Adding a photo makes your wedding invitations unique and memorable, something that will have a lasting impression on your guests. Besides, the guests would love to see your pre-wedding shots before seeing you in person on the special day.

Sets the tone

The photo you use for the invitations sets the tone for your wedding and can give your guests a sense of the theme and style of your wedding. Be it a destination wedding or an intimate gathering in your locality with close friends and family, the right design can portray what guests can expect from attending the event.

Endless possibilities

One of the best things about photos is that you have a great deal of flexibility in the wedding invitation designs. Be it a formal portrait or a fun candid shot, or anything in between, you can portray a moment in time that reflects your personality. As a couple, you can create an invitation that genuinely represents your relationship.

If you are unsure what the final product would look like, we offer free samples delivered right to your doorstep within 2–3 working days. All you have to do is select your design, personalise it as you like with text or photos, and choose the free samples option. If you're having any problem with the design or anything related to delivery, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will try everything to make the process as easy as possible, so you can focus on what matters the most – your wedding.

The perfect creative setting for your wedding

The wedding should be one of the most beautiful days in your life. Plan this day from morning to night exactly as you imagine it. With Optimalprint at your side, you can give your wedding a wonderful setting. This already starts with the Save-the-Date cards. The wedding is not always completely planned – but the guests should keep exactly this one date free. These cards will later be followed by the actual invitation to the wedding. Depending on the design you choose, you can also include this on your big day. With Optimalprint, in addition to invitations, you can also design menu cards, showing the delicious food and drinks at your wedding or order of service. Matching place cards for the guests not only take care of your intended seating arrangement, but also add a final touch to the existing table decorations. Use the individually designed cards as unique accessories at your wedding. All types of cards can be created in the same design, which runs like a red thread through the planning and wedding day.

And after the wedding? Then it is time to say thank you to all the dear guests. Together, you have celebrated the great love and made your day memorable. With a wedding thank you card, you can express your gratitude and let your guests reminisce about the wedding day.

Rustic, modern, destination wedding invitations – Customise your wedding invites

Be it rustic wedding invitations, modern wedding invitations, floral wedding invitations, or other types of wedding stationery, we make them all here at Optimalprint. Consider us to be your one-stop destination for everything wedding invitations related. The designs come in matching sets to create a specific look and feel that remains consistent, from save-the-date cards to invitations and RSVP cards and even wedding thank you cards.

Browse from an expansive catalogue of style categories such as Classic, Floral, Lace, Modern, Chalkboard, Rustic, Romantic, Destination and more! Take control of the templates and tweak different elements to your liking. We offer a wide range of customisable wedding invitations to help bring your vision to life. Our experienced designers will work closely with you to create an invitation that truly captures the essence of your wedding.

So, why wait? Start customising your wedding invites today and create an invitation that your guests will never forget. Trust us, the effort will be worth it when your guests receive the personalized invitation

Become an Optimalprint Plus Subscriber

Order your personalized wedding invitations now at We deliver FREE and FAST when you become an Optimalprint Plus Subscriber. You will also benefit from an extended 30-day quality guarantee and receive other attractive offers throughout the year. What are you waiting for? Create your unique wedding invitations and enchant your guests!


Are there any design options available for my wedding style or theme?

Yes, we have something for everyone. From modern and intricate to classic and minimalist, our platform offers a wide range of design options that you can explore to find the best match for your wedding theme. You can also upload your own favourite design in case you want to go for a highly personalized design. Our designers can also guide you in choosing your ideal design from our available options or translating your own design definitively into your wedding invitation.

Is it possible to request customized wedding invitation samples?

Yes, Optimalprint specializes in creating personalized wedding invitation cards. You can have any design that you want turned into a beautifully crafted, easily customizable wedding invite with the help of our highly skilled designers. You can either use our existing options of colour palette and designs or upload your own design. The message written inside the invitation can also be your own. You can even browse our existing message templates if you need help writing a thematic message to set the right tone.

What is the process for writing a wedding invitation?

Today, there is no set way of writing a wedding invitation. Broadly speaking, you should make sure to include important details about your special day, such as the venue details, date and time, a cordial request to attend, the couple's names, and directions to reach the venue. The invitation should also offer a glimpse into the unique aesthetic that represents you as a couple other than sharing essential wedding information. Add your personal touch to the invite, especially if the wedding is more unconventional.

Who should be on the guest list for wedding invitations?

There are no rules surrounding who all should be invited to your wedding. Your guest list should include all those people that you earnestly want to extend your wedding invitation to. Typically, the list will feature your extended family members, friends, office colleagues, neighbourhood friends, and others whom you might know from other places. Do not limit yourself to how many people you should be inviting. Instead, invite as many people as you like because it's your day!

When is the ideal time to send out my wedding invitations?

Timeframes for sending out wedding invitations can vary from person to person, as friends, family and colleagues can be spread across the country or the globe. But as a rule of thumb, wedding invitations should start being circulated six to eight weeks prior to the wedding date. If you create RSVP cards, then people's responses should be due a month before the wedding.

Which style of wedding invitation is recommended for the best impact?

As such, there's no way to say which style of wedding invitation can make the best impact, as every wedding is unique, and so is every invitation. However, choosing minimalistic designs for invitations can have a profound effect on the guests. Combining a plain background with your wedding's theme colour and using a bold, straight font in a shimmering or reflective hue and textured cardstock to add a distinctive visual appeal can really make your invitation stand out and draw everybody's attention.

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