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Creating truly personal calendar gifts is easy
Simply choose a size and design, then customize with your special moments

Truly personal


"Brilliant quality, made one as a gift for my parents who were so happy with it that they bought one for each family member. I love that you can add special dates.Truly personal, I’ll likely start making one every year!"

Great service


"Great quality, easy to make and quick post out = great service. Thanks" -Ryan

Excellent delivery


"I was very pleased with 3 personal calendars I had printed for Christmas. Excellent delivery as they arrived within 2 days. Would recommend them to a friend or use again." -Debbie

Quality print


"Quality print, design made simple. No hidden charges or gimmicks. Fast delivery, even pre-Xmas! Thank you!" - Jan Erik

Make it your own Calendar

Your family is unique, your calendar will be also. Select the size that you need, start with the month that you would like and add your photos and events on each page. Creating custom calendars is a great way to capture your favourite memories and relive them every day.

Super easy!

Simply select your favourite photos from your device, Google Photos, Instagram or Facebook. Easily add and remove photos, edit texts and add your events for a beautiful result. Our editor lets you arrange pictures the way you want. Select a suitable size and design, start customizing it with your photos and text, and get your personalized calendar ready in minutes!

Printed in Canada
with fast delivery

We print with high quality ink and paper to guarantee your satisfaction. By printing locally and as close to you as possible, we can offer this at affordable prices. This helps us ensure that all our photo calendars are of superior quality and reach you on time.

Create your first calendar

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Personalized Calendar 2024

A personalized calendar can be the perfect gift for any occasion, even for yourself! And when it comes to designing a personalized calendar, there is no right or wrong, but just what your heart wants. At Optimalprint, we make creating your personalized calendar easy with just a few clicks. All you have to do is choose your preferred design from our menu, select the desired size and proceed to our free online editor to customise it. In addition, you can upload your favourite images and choose from the several background colours and image layouts for each month's page. What's more, you can select the start date and even customise the events by choosing from our list or creating your own! Rest assured that customer satisfaction is our top priority, as we only print your personalized calendar on high-quality paper. Besides, our local production facility allows us to offer you the lowest prices with a quick turnaround time!

Create personalized Calendars for every situation

Whether for home or office use, a personalized calendar can be a great way to organise your schedules all year round. We offer multiple designs and sizes to help you create one. Additionally, you can easily upload your favourite images and customise the calendar template. As such, you can choose from several options to design your personalized calendar, some of which include:

1. Naturally Elegant Calendar

What is better than personalized photo calendars with a touch of nature? If you are a true-blue nature enthusiast, this design may be right for you. You can make anything fit the frame, from local natural landscapes to natural wonders! Besides, it comes in 7 sizes, including landscape and portrait, so you do not have to worry about getting a wrong-sized custom photo calendar.

2. Loving Gaze Calendar

Love your pet's love gazed eyes? Then frame it with a calendar to adorn your wall or desk! You can choose the default picture or upload your own to create the perfect calendar that can document the journey of your pup growing through the years through images. Or, you can choose its best moments to design a personalized desk calendar. Moreover, it comes in 7 sizes and orientations to fit different spaces.

3. Washi Polka Dots Calendar

Our washi polka dots design can be an excellent solution for people looking for a simple personalized wall calendar. With bright backgrounds and white polka dots, your personalized calendar can help you mark your appointments while adding colour to any space. You can also accentuate the pages further by adding your favourite images.

Personalized Photo Calendars Online

With our easy-to-use online editor, you can turn any of our designs into a photo calendar. But here are some of our top designs that you may want to check out:

1. Modern Overlapping Year

The modern overlapping year personalized calendar design allows you to add as many as three images for each month's page, so you do not miss out on displaying your best memories! It has a default white background that makes the photos pop, but you can always change it to create a custom layout. Likewise, you can change the layout and the orientation of the pictures to customise the design according to your preferences.

2. Metallic Scattered Frames

The metallic scattered frame can make for an elegant personalized calendar with four images per month pages. It has a combination of grey and golden 'sparkle' as the background, which can complement any wall or table colour. You can even get it in 3 orientations and sizes.

Custom Calendars Designs from Optimalprint

We make custom calendar printing easy with our intuitive online editor, allowing you to choose from different backgrounds, layouts and templates. And here are a few basic designs that you can work on to create a custom calendar:

1. Artistic Frame

If you love abstract shapes and layouts, this calendar is worth considering. It has a monochromatic colour scheme to add a sense of rustic charm to your decor. Plus, you can mark the important days in different colours through the months to make it optimally functional.

2. Iconic Trips

Curate a calendar with the best moments from your trips with our iconic trip design. You can use either landscape or portrait mode to fit the images to a frame and add your personal touches by choosing different backgrounds and picture layouts for your personalized calendar.

3. Chalky Frame

The chalky frame is one of our best-sellers, and you can try it, too, if you want to print a custom calendar with a more 'animated' layout. It features 'chalky' margins around the images, and the text pops out on the dark background, though you can change it according to your liking.

Personalized Advent Calendar

The Advent season is significant to many, and we can help you create the best advent calendar. We have it all, whether you are looking for a simple or accentuated design. And with our online editor, you can set the starting month for your personalized calendar. If designing a custom advent calendar is on your mind, then here are a few designs that can assist you:

1. The Modern Tab

Our modern tab design allows full-frame images for the month's pages so that you can choose your preferred Advent images for a completely personalized calendar. Moreover, you can highlight the year tab by choosing from the six different colours.

2. Pure Minimalism Personalized Calendar

Our Pure Minimalism Personalized Calendar personalized calendar sports a simple yet elegant design to make your Advent anticipation all the more special. But you can always change the background colour and image layout to add personal touches, whether you plan to use the personalized calendar or present it as a holiday gift. We have successfully maintained a high Trustpilot score of 9.0/10, and our calendar custom printing utilizes only premium 250 GSM paper with high-quality images and text. Moreover, our personalized calendars come with spiral bindings and wall hooks for easy and secure placement. We also offer a 100% quality guarantee on each personalized calendar we print, and you can contact our 24/7 customer service in case of any queries.

Create your own Photo Wall Calendar

Preserving special memories in the form of custom calendars (both wall calendars and desk calendars), in addition to the traditional methods of photo albums and display collages, is fast becoming a trend. At Optimalprint, we understand this and offer a range of pre-designed templates in different sizes so you too can create your own calendar for your kitchen, living room or wherever you deem fit.

Our free online editor is easy to use and can get your personalized calendar ready in minutes! All you have to do is select a size, then design and customise by adding your favourite pictures. You can also add a text message, a quote, or a personal anecdote if you want to gift the calendar to someone. Select a start date and add in your own events to truly personalize the calendar.

When you can do so much with a personalized calendar, why should you buy a standard calendar? Our platform has all the necessary design features to accommodate your requirements. No design skills required. Just dive right in.


How can I create my own photo calendar?

With Optimalprint, creating your own photo calendar is supremely simple. Our free online editor lets you create a custom photo calendar in minutes by allowing you to select a pre-designed template, choose the size that you need, and start customizing it. Add your personal pictures, a special text, a quote from the internet and any other design features to make a highly personalized calendar.

What photos should I upload to my personalized calendar?

Your personalized calendar can have any pictures or photos that you want. We place no restrictions on our customers in regard to customization. So, whether you want to add your childhood photos, wedding photos, photos from a special event or something artistic from the Internet, the choice is entirely yours. If you're an artist and would like your work printed on your custom calendar, feel free to use it. A work of art created by yourself is best displayed on a personalized calendar. For any assistance, you can reach out to our customer support team, and they'll be happy to help.

Can I choose my own start month?

Yes. You can choose your own start date and month as per your requirements. We realize that our customers could have different needs and may want to select their own dates and months for their personalized calendars, so we have made sure that our platform offers this flexibility. Feel free to choose any start date or month.

Can I add birthdays and special occasions to my calendar?

Absolutely! You can add birthdays and other special occasions to your personalized calendar. If a personalized calendar doesn't let you add your own events and special days, then it is not a truly personalized calendar. We provide you with the option to add as many personal events to the calendar as you want. So, add in all special dates, birthdays, anniversaries, important occasions and events to your personalized photo calendar and never lose track of them again.

Are Bank Holidays shown in the calendar?

Yes, all bank holidays are shown in the calendar. If you would like to add any restricted holidays too, you can add them during the customization process. Adding restricted holidays will be a great way to plan your professional schedules better and know well in advance about your work availability.

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