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Select a paper type to best match your stationery: silk paper offers a smooth surface and beautiful finish, glossy paper makes the colours look more vibrant, and brilliant white matt paper is ideal for cards without photos. Choose whichever paper appeals to you the most, and we will provide you with the highest-quality invitation cards at an affordable price! Each paper type comes with great durability that will keep the cards looking nice and bright for a long time.

Rounded corners

Its all in the details! Our rounded corner cards are all about small details done in a great way. Add an element of uniqueness to your custom kids' invitations with round edges and grab everybody's attention. These cards are available in premium paper and can effortlessly elevate the experience of sending invitations.

Kids Birthday Invitations

If you want to make your child's birthday party extra special, sending out personalized kids' birthday invitations is the way to go! Unlike the boring old generic birthday invitations, these cards allow you to choose from a wide range of themes, colours, and designs to match your child's energy and personality. So whether your little one loves dinosaurs, unicorns, puppies, or superheroes, you can create a design that reflects on the cards and creates a genuine sense of interest within the recipient.

These birthday party invitations for kids are truly unique and allow you to add personal touches to make them stand out even more. For example, you can add your kids' name, age, date and venue of the occasion, and even a photo of the little one in anticipation of the upcoming event. And the best part? Thanks to our various design elements and templates, making kids' birthday invitations is easy on Optimalprint.

Customised Kids Party Invitations

Sending customised birthday invitations is an important part of party planning and shows that you care about the people attending and are investing in making the event memorable. If you're looking to learn about the reasons to send personalized kids' party invites instead of regular ones, here are all of them:

1. Adds a personal touch: Personalized cards go a long way in creating a memorable event for your child and the guests. A personal touch shows the child and your guests how much they both mean to you and how you care about making the event something unforgettable.

2. Sets the tone for the party: Personalized kids' birthday invitations, when made right, can give your guest list a preview of what the event might be like. Or, if you want to hold the party with a specific theme, you can let the guests know about it. For example, if you want a superhero-themed party, you can ask your guests to dress in their costumes. This can make the party feel more special and excite guests for what is to come.

3. Creates a keepsake: A personalized kids' birthday party invitation is more than just a piece of paper! It can be a keepsake that your child and the intended guests can cherish for many years. When your little one gets older, they can look back at their childhood birthdays and fondly remember the moments that made them great. It is also a thoughtful way to document your child's growth.

4. Shows attention to detail: Sending custom kids' birthday invitations shows you care about the details and are committed to making the event memorable. It portrays that you have put much thought into every aspect of the celebration, from the decorations to the food and entertainment to the guest list. This can set the tone for a fun and energetic event everyone would love to attend.

5. Shows gratitude: Personalized children’s party invitations also offer gratitude to your guests and make them feel special. They think that you value their presence and that you are grateful for their support and friendship. This goes a long way in building new relations and strengthening existing ones with the people in your life.

How to create the best Kids' Birthday Invitations

You can now create personalized birthday invitations for kids easily on Optimalprint. If this is your first time, here are a few simple steps to follow:

1. Choose a design and card style: To create a memorable birthday party invite; you must first choose a design and card style on our website. This step is straightforward, as dozens of kids' birthday invitation templates are available and ready to be customised. So choose a design and pick the orientation and size you want the card to be in. Whether you want a portrait-shaped card or a landscape, big or small, you will find them here.

2. Personalize the card: Once the design is selected, you must personalize the invitation to suit your needs. Add your child's name, age, location, and RSVP info. You can also add a special text message to the recipient or details like dress code or a list of planned activities.

3. Add photos and graphics: Kids' party invites look even more special when you add a picture of your child or a fun little graphic that matches the party's theme. You can modify our templates to your liking so that the final product looks like you imagined. You can even create a design from scratch if you want to!

4. Print and send: Let us work our magic once the design is created. We will ensure everything looks perfect and is ready to ship right out of the box.

Girl's Party Invitations

Celebrate your baby girl by creating girls' party invites inspired explicitly by your little one's personality. You can get girls' party invitations in different fun and creative designs, from Disney princesses and unicorns to angels and cute animals; we have customisation options to create kids' birthday invitations for every girl. It does not matter how old your daughter is; our card designs will make the birthday girl smile when she sees them. Your guests will also be impressed when they see the effort you have put into creating the card. Ultimately, the key to creating a unique and personalized birthday party invitation card for boys or girls is to focus on their interests and personality. By selecting a design that speaks to their likes and preferences, you can invite them to feel excited and special for their upcoming birthday celebration.

Boy's Party Invitations

Boys' party invitations differ from girls in several ways. While girls tend to gravitate towards more glittery, glamorous, and playful designs, boys tend to prefer bolder and more adventurous designs. In addition, while both boys and girls may enjoy themes such as superheroes or animals, boys tend to prefer more action-packed and adventurous themes, such as sports, dinosaurs, or pirates. Boys' birthday invites often feature bold and bright colours such as red, blue, and green, whereas girls' invitations may feature pastel colours or glittery accents. Boys' party invites may feature graphics such as cars, planes, or robots, while girls' birthday invitations may feature graphics such as flowers, unicorns, or princesses. The font used in boy's birthday party invitations is often bold and attention-grabbing, while girl's invitations may feature cursive or script fonts that are more elegant.

At Optimalprint, we take great pride in producing the finest quality kids' birthday invitations at the most reasonable price. All our children's birthday invitations come with rounded corners, and you can choose between silk, glossy, or matt paper, depending on the finishing you want. You can also select our premium envelopes to give the package a more luxurious feel. If we make it, you can rest assured knowing it will be high-quality. And do not forget to check out our Plus Membership which gives you exclusive access to new designs, FREE and FAST delivery, and a 30-day quality guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate your kids' birthday in style with our custom kids' birthday invitations!


Can I request a custom design for my kids’ birthday invitations?

Yes, with Optimalprint, you can create custom kids' birthday invitations. Explore a wide range of themes, colours, and designs to complement your child's personality. Create a design that truly captures the party theme and mood of the occasion and makes your child feel extra special. Our kids' birthday invitations are highly customisable, so you can add your child's name, age, birth date and even a photo. With our diverse design templates, creating your own design for kids' birthday invitations will be super easy!

Can I order custom samples?

Yes. You can place a sample order for most of our kids’ birthday and party invitation cards. Simply design your cards and select a quantity of one during the checkout process.

What should I write on my kids’ birthday invitations?

A kids' birthday invitation can be very important to your child, so make sure to write a personal, heartfelt message that will make them feel loved. This personal message should be in addition to important details like the name of the child, their age, birthdate and venue details. As with most invitations, kids' birthday invitation cards should have the RSVP so your guests can respond to your invite.

What kids’ birthday invitation designs are available?

There are a number of pre-designed options available for quick use, in addition to the option of creating your own card. These ready options are bright, colourful and some also have the opportunity to include a photo. The designs include unicorns, a montage of animals, and a birthday cake with a candle on top, among others. Please visit the 'Designs' section on the kids' party invitations page to see the designs for yourselves

Can I get envelopes with my kids’ birthday invitations?

Envelopes are not included by default in your order. If you would like to get matching envelopes for your invitation cards, you will need to add them to the order at an additional cost. Browse our standard and premium envelope collections to hand-pick an envelope to go with your invitation.

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