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Communion Invitations

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Holy Communion Invitation Cards

First Holy Communion invitations in Canada from Optimalprint

First Holy Communion is a spiritual occasion that holds a very special place in the hearts of many people across Canada. As with many significant milestones, this occasion also calls for a grand celebration. And that celebration calls for uniquely designed Holy Communion invitation cards.

Create personalized first Holy Communion cards on our platform to send to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Let them know how much their benign presence at your child's first Holy Communion means to you. Invite them to join you and your family on this auspicious day and shower their blessings on your little one.

Unleash your creativity with communion invitation designs!

Holy Communion is a wonderful occasion for families to come together and celebrate a child's initiation into the Church and mark the beginning of their religious and spiritual journey through faith and tradition.

Create beautiful Holy Communion invitation cards on our platform using our online editor and choosing from our range of customizable traditional and modern design templates. These templates are available with simple yet sophisticated designs that feature foil detailing and Holy symbols like crosses and doves, perfect for conveying the solemnity of the ceremony. Explore these templates and choose the one that most appeals to your aesthetic for the occasion.

Girls first Holy Communion invitations

Are you planning your little girl's first Holy Communion soon? Create awe-inspiring Holy Communion invitation cards for the occasion easily on our platform.

Our Holy Communion invitations for girls are made with delicate designs and soft, pastel hues that perfectly capture the innocence and purity of childhood. Our cards can be customized with your little girl's photos and our foil decoration available in three colours. Create your personalized cards with your custom design or one of our templates, and invite your near and dear ones to join you on this special day when your daughter embarks on her spiritual journey.

Boys first Holy Communion invitations

Mark your son's first Holy Communion with custom-made Holy Communion invitation cards. As this is a special occasion when you witness your son beginning his religious and spiritual journey, it deserves a celebration in the presence of all your friends, family and relatives.

Extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone with our customizable boys' first Holy Communion invitation cards that come in various styles and colours. Use one of our templates and customize it with your little one's photos and other details. Have your own design? Just upload the file and we will print it with a professional finish.


1. What Is a Holy Communion invitation?

A Holy Communion invitation is a formal invite sent to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to inform them about the ceremony and cordially ask them to attend it. Since Holy Communion is a religious occasion that marks the initiation of a child into the Catholic Church, it calls for a joyous celebration in the presence of loved ones. A Holy Communion invitation is thus extended as a formal invitation to this celebration.

2. When should I send out Holy Communion invitations?

You should make sure to send out your Communion invitations a few months, preferably 4-6 months, before the big day. This ensures that your guests get enough notice to plan their work and other commitments so they can attend your celebration. Advance notice also helps guests who will be travelling from far-off places book their flights and accommodation well in advance.

3. What information should be included in a Holy Communion invitation?

Your Holy Communion invitation cards should include essential information about the event such as the date and time of the event, the venue and who is hosting the event. You should also consider adding the RSVP details for better planning purposes. Include an email address or a phone number so your guests know how they can respond to your invitation.

4. How do I make a Holy Communion invitation?

Creating your personalized first communion invitations is easy with our online editor. Choose from our range of traditional and modern design templates and pick the one that best captures your aesthetic for the occasion. Then, add your child's photo and customize it with the event details. You can also upload your own design, and we can print it on premium paper for a professional finish.

5. When can I get my communion invitation cards delivered?

You can expect your order to arrive in 2-4 days from the date of order. We print all our Holy Communion invitations locally and as close to your location as possible. This helps us create high-quality invitations for your special moment quickly and efficiently so that it adds to the joy of celebrating your little one's initiation.

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