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Personalized Christmas Cards

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Personalized Christmas cards from Optimalprint

Family members, friends, neighbours, fellow parents you speak to at the school gates – whoever's on your Christmas card list this year, Optimalprint has just what you need. From festive good wishes to annual catch-ups, photo Christmas cards are a great way to show love. The challenge, though, is finding something personal. A Christmas card that goes above and beyond and doesn't fall to the back of the pile. That's where Optimalprint comes in.

Thanks to our easy-to-use editing tool, you can design and create your personalized photo Christmas cards in minutes. Choose your favourite photo, upload it to one of our templates, and pick from various card sizes. With several themes, including the baby's first Christmas, pets, and traditional designs, you will surely find something to suit each recipient's taste. We even have a corporate range for those who want to extend the festive cheer around the office.

We only use high-quality printing processes and the finest paper so that your Christmas cards stand out for all the right reasons. You can even choose from single cards or multipacks; we offer luxury extras like foil and rounded corners. Ready to send a special and personal Christmas card? Keep scrolling to discover our designs.

Photo Christmas cards for every style

From classic and traditional to minimalist and those without photos, our vast selection of personalized Christmas card designs will surely have something for you. So whether you want a Christmas card adorned with snowflakes, snowmen, and reindeer or looking for something more abstract, you can design and create your own personalized Christmas card with Optimalprint.

Modern Christmas Cards

Choose from portrait and landscape designs in rectangles and squares and allow your picture and message to do the talking with a laidback and contemporary feel. With sizes ranging from A6 to A5, your modern Christmas card will be remembered. You may choose a simple one-picture card or use a selection of four or more snaps. Either way, a personalized photo Christmas card from Optimalprint is a great way to show the important people in your life that you are thinking of them.

Photo Collage Christmas Cards

Need help choosing your favourite photo? You may have dressed the kids and dog for a festive family photoshoot and want your friends to see every picture. Our range of photo collage Christmas cards means no one has to miss out. They're a great way to let extended relatives and friends in on your memories.

Minimalistic Photo Cards

Are you a firm believer that less is more? Then, we've got you covered. Just because you are not a fan of tinsel and sparkle, it doesn't mean you can't spread your festive cheer. At Optimalprint, our minimalist photo Christmas cards say just enough and come in various colours, sizes, and orientations. You can even choose multiple photos to help your design to stand out from the crowd.

Classic and Traditional

Reindeers? Check. Snowmen? Check. Red and sparkles? Check. If you can't get enough of Christmas, you will love our classic and traditional Christmas cards range. Choose from those designs adorned with baubles, ivy and holly, and even personalized cards against a backdrop of Christmas tartan. Plus, when you add a little personalisation, your Christmas card will reach a new festive level.

Christmas Cards without a Photo

Personalized Xmas cards don't have to include a picture. You can still send a personal message to those you care about. Choose from traditional designs, contemporary cards, and cards aimed at children. Then, of course, you can create a unique custom piece for whomever you send it to. We also have the option of flat and folded cards, so you are sure to find something to suit you.

Customised Christmas cards for all

Employees, kids, close family members, or even the babysitter – at Optimalprint, we have a broad range of photo Christmas cards for whomever you need to send one to. We also have picture Xmas cards designed for a baby's first Christmas and your pets, so no one has to be left out regarding festive well wishes.

Baby's First Christmas

Whether you want to send a photo Christmas card to your little one to remember the special day or celebrate the milestone by sending personalized family Christmas cards to relatives, our Baby's First Christmas cards are just what you need. Choose from single or multi-picture designs in a vast range of colours and styles, and remember to add a personalized message to your photo xmas cards for a truly special touch.

Kids Photo Christmas Cards

Optimalprint's selection of cartoon and kid's Christmas cards is a great way to wish the little ones a merry Christmas. You could even include a personalized message from Santa and the Elves. Alternatively, choose one of your favourite photos and send a customised Christmas card online to family members and friends worldwide.

Pet Photo Christmas Cards

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and even your hamster or goldfish can get involved in the annual sending of Christmas cards with our range of pet christmas cards. With a simple and quick design process that doesn't require any previous experience or design ability, it's never been easier to send a picture Christmas card that shows off your furry friends!

Corporate Cards

Whether you are an employer who wants to send picture Christmas cards to the whole team, a supplier looking to send corporate Christmas cards to their clients, or you want to express well wishes to your colleagues, Optimalprint has a range of beautiful business xmas cards online. Adding your logo or a snap from the recent Christmas party to the card can be a nice extra touch.

Spread the festive cheer with Christmas Photo Cards

The festive season isn't just about Christmas cards and Christmas day. There are other important celebrations and messages to share. So whether you are arranging a Christmas party, want to extend your thanks, or even celebrate a different holiday, Optimalprint's range of customised cards will have something for you. Keep scrolling to discover the full range of personalized Christmas cards with a photo.

Hanukkah Cards

If your family celebrates Hanukkah or you want to express your wishes to a good friend, our selection of cards specially designed for Hanukkah will surely impress. Choose from squares and rectangles in various colours, and take your pick from cards with traditional Hanukkah symbols. We even have cards without pictures for those who prefer.

Christmas Party Invitations

Workplace drinks, family get-togethers, a catch-up with friends – Optimalprint has a Christmas party invitation for every event. Plus, you can pick from single prints or multipacks, depending on how many people are going. Flat and folded cards can be designed, too, and there's an option to add a photo. Finally, don't forget to include event details and a short message for the ultimate personalized experience.

Christmas Thank You Cards

Christmas is a time for giving, which means it's also a time for saying thanks. So what better way to do that than with one of our Christmas thank you cards? Whether it's coming from the whole family or perhaps your little one, we have a variety of designs and colours. You can add gold foil and trimmed edges for luxury personalized Christmas cards.

Low prices, high quality

Our Christmas cards start from as little as 61p per item, and you can rest assured that they're premium quality. We combine the highest quality printing processes with premium paper to present you with stunning personalized Christmas cards. Our multipack card option is also a great way to save on bulk orders. So no matter your budget, you will find a photo Christmas card to your flavour with Optimalprint. Moreover, you don't need any design skills as our systems design tool is super easy to use. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you extra peace of mind when you shop with us.

Make it a Christmas to remember with custom Christmas cards

Personal Christmas cards are a great alternative to mass-produced versions. They create a unique festive wish for whoever is receiving them. With your favourite photos on the front and a message from the heart inside, your Christmas cards can be a conversation starter. If you are looking for photo Christmas cards online, we've got everything you need. No specialist design experience is required either. Order a single card or a full pack.

Thanks to Optimalprint's user-friendly design tool features, you can create and buy personalized photo Christmas cards for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for your favourite picture and send a season's greeting in your unique way with a Christmas photo card from our collection.


What do you write on Christmas cards?

Christmas is a time to spread the holiday cheer to friends, family and colleagues. There is nothing more heartwarming than showing someone how you feel about them. Wish them "Happy/Merry Christmas!" and add a few lines from your favourite carol to pep up the greeting. Whatever you may write on the card, the bottom line is to capture the festive spirit and make your recipient feel extra special.

How to design my own Christmas cards?

At Optimalprint, we offer you a range of custom Christmas greeting card options so you can pick the one that resonates with you the most and send season's greetings to your loved ones. You can browse all options on our website's 'Christmas Cards' page and start incorporating your customizations. You will have the option to add your cute and funny personal photos, text and other details. Our templates are already very 'cheery,' so designing your custom cards might not even take you very long.

What are the dimensions of the Christmas cards?

We offer our custom Christmas cards in various sizes ranging from A5 to A6. Some of the sizes available are: Large A5 (5.5" x 8.5") - Folded Square A6 (5.25" x 5.25") - Folded Small (4.25" x 5.5") - Folded Standard (5" x 7") - Flat Square A6 (5.25" x 5.25") - Flat Small A5 (4.25" x 5.5") - Flat

Are envelopes included with your Christmas cards?

Envelopes do not come as part of your order. If you would like to pair your Christmas greeting card with a matching envelope, you will need to add it separately to your order. Please note that envelopes come with an additional charge. You can explore our selection of standard and premium envelopes and choose the one that best suits your needs and the theme of your card.

How many pictures can I put on my photo Christmas card?

You can easily use 3-4 or more photos for your personalized Christmas card, but the number can vary depending on the size of the photos you use. We recommend balancing the number of photos used with your text message, as it can help with the overall aesthetic of the card. If you want to use multiple photos, it would be best to consult our design and printing teams and get the utmost clarity.

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