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Baptism Invitations

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When your wee one is ready for the baptism, make your invitations special with our printing services. Our professional printing means your images, photos and creations get the treatment they deserve and you get baptism invitations that will become a keepsake. Whether you want to create a personalised baptism invitation for a boy or a girl, whether you want a classic or contemporary feel, we have the right baptism invitation template for you. You can upload your baby pictures, use our templates and create a special memory of the day before it even happens. With dozens of templates to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect template here. Feeling inspired? Just use whatever image or text boxes you wish, add new ones, and change sizes. Everything is fully customisable! At a loss for words? No trouble - if you are searching for the perfect (or any) baptism invitation wording we’ve got dozens of invitations pre-populated with wording - you just need to change the names, dates and locations to match your details. So for whatever you want to do, Optimalprint has the perfect template to help you design and create your own perfect baptism invitation.

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