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Combine your best photos in a collage

Can’t choose the perfect photo? Display your memories in a collage using our free multiple photo templates. Perfect for creating themed artwork for special occasions. Bring together all your best photos in one place and enjoy looking at them in high definition every single day.

Brushed Aluminium Prints

Our Brushed Aluminium prints add texture and depth to your photos. This style of print looks especially beautiful with black and white photos. Whites are not printed so any white areas of your photos shines through in an eye catching metallic silver. Brushed aluminum prints have a smooth, reflective surface that gives your images a high-definition appearance that stays as-is for years.

Easy to hang!

Hanging your aluminum print is straightforward and hassle free. We provide a hanging system and instructions free of charge with every print. The cushion pad included gives the impression your print is floating parallel against the wall. No need to ask others for help with mounting your aluminum prints. Just follow the instructions, and you'll be sorted!

Our high quality aluminum prints are premium, durable and affordable

Aluminum Prints – the perfect option for decorating walls

Looking for a metal print to freeze your favourite photographs? Then avail our services to print your photo on aluminium for the best results! our Aluminium prints with matte finish can be the perfect option for decorating walls or celebrating an occasion with something special.

And with the high-quality aluminum prints from Optimalprint, you can create unique frames to freeze your favourite memories for a long time. We print on aluminum sheet at affordable prices and quick shipping times so that you don't have to wait for days on end.

Aluminum Prints – Transform Your Most Stunning Images into Eye-Catching Aluminum Prints

Our aluminum photo prints can be a great way to frame your precious memories for your home or office. But what is an aluminum print, and why is it a better option than 'normal' photo prints? Well, aluminum prints are precisely what they sound likeβ€”images printed on aluminum sheets.

As such, metal prints like aluminum prints are pretty durable and almost resistant to damage caused by corrosion or rust. Hence, they are suitable for different conditions like high indoor air humidity.

Metal Print – Make a Lasting Impact With Our High-Quality Metal Prints

Our aluminum art prints are printed on high-quality aluminum sheets to retain and enhance the vibrancy of your photographs.

Besides, the high-resolution printing technology keeps the details intact, adding depth and texture to images. So, you can trust us for even the most 'complex' aluminum photo print.

This printing style works best for black-and-white prints, mainly because the white is not printed on the sheet. As a result, the white portions of your photos get a metallic silver shine, making them all the more real-like! However, you can also rely on us for colored metal prints with the same precision and vibrancy.

Moreover, the glare-resistant finish on the aluminum prints renders a sleek and sophisticated look so that they can complement any interior decor or color scheme. At the same time, the dedicated aluminum backing on the aluminum photo prints resists scratches and water-related damage.

Not only that, but all of our aluminum prints are laminated end-to-end, making them optimally moisture-resistant. In other words, you can hang them both indoors and outdoors (like on the porch) without worrying about their durability.

As for maintenance, wipe the aluminum prints with a soft and clean cloth or soft-bristled brush to eliminate dirt, dust, and loose debris. And they will become just as good as new!

Showcase Your Favourite Photos In Our Vibrant Aluminium Photo Prints

We understand that not everyone will have the same size and orientation requirements regarding aluminum prints. That is why we offer customization options to print photos on aluminum.

All you have to do is head to our website and click on wall art-create your own design-aluminum prints. Here, you will find the options to choose the shape (square, portrait, or landscape) and size, which include:

β€’ 20x30 cm

β€’ 20x60 cm

β€’ 30x40 cm

β€’ 30x45 cm

β€’ 30x90 cm

β€’ 40x50 cm

β€’ 40x60 cm

β€’ 45x60 cm

β€’ 50x70 cm

β€’ 50x75 cm

β€’ 60x80 cm

β€’ 60x90 cm

β€’ 70x100 cm

Once you choose the desired shape and size, click on the 'personalize' option to upload the image for your aluminum print. You can select the desired layout for printing one or multiple images (collage creation). So, do not worry if you cannot choose the right image for your aluminum print, as you can print all of them!

Further, we offer two types of aluminum printing- standard and brushed, with the latter adding more depth and texture to the aluminum photo prints.

Think the current size or layout will not do justice to the image? No problem- you can easily change the layout, format, finishing, or size on the personalization window. And the prices for your aluminum prints will be visible in the header section as you make the changes.

You can also save the current progress on your design and come back later to complete it- we want you to take your time creating that masterpiece!

What Else Do We Offer?

All our aluminum prints come with a complementary hanging kit for easy DIY installation. Additionally, the specialized cushion pad included in the kit gives the appearance of the frame floating parallelly against the wall. But feel free to refer to the instructions should you face any trouble.

Aside from that, here are some other reasons that make Optimalprint one of the best on the market:

β€’ Average Trustpilot score of 9 out of 10 for customer satisfaction

β€’ 100% quality guarantee on aluminum prints for 14 days from date of purchase

β€’ Extended 30-day guarantee on signing up for affordable membership plan

β€’ Editor available for website and app versions

β€’ Wide range of design layouts for metal prints (Canada)


1. What Are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are a contemporary form of high-resolution wall art. These prints are created by printing high-resolution images or photos on a sleek metal surface. These prints are UV-resistant, sturdy and elegant-looking, and they add artistic flair to any room they're added to.

2. Why Are Prints on Metal the Best Choice?

Our print on metal photos are produced using high-quality aluminum sheets to enhance the quality of your photos. We give all our prints a glare-resistant finish, adding a sleek and elegant look. We offer our metal prints in a variety of custom sizes and guarantee 100% satisfaction for every order.

3. Can I Add Text to My Photo Printed on Metal?

Yes, you can add text to your metal photo print to further customize it.

4. How To Clean a Photo on Metal Print?

Since metal prints have a smooth surface, you can easily clean photos printed on metal sheets with a soft, damp cloth or use a feather duster instead, and all the collected dust will come off. To remove dirt particles, using a soft-bristle brush will be helpful.

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